Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fresh Peach Ice Cream (E)

Oh yeah.  It's about time.
For those of you who don't know me, maybe I should tell you that my summer job for the past 4 years has been selling peaches at a roadside stand in Holmes County, OH.  Long story.  But I see more peaches in two weeks than most of you see in your lifetime.  Therefore, it is rather strange that I have like, no peach recipes on this blog.  Especially since I live in the highest peach-producing state in the nation (not Georgia, folks).
But here is a great way to use your fresh, juicy peaches!  Always buy Big Smile peaches (slightly kidding), and never store a ripening or firm peach in your refrigerator (fully serious).  Did you know that?  That's what we tell everyone at The Peach Barn.  Refrigerating a not-fully-ripened fruit kills it.  Let it set out at room temperature until fully ripe, then it will keep in your refrigerator for up to two weeks.

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Fresh Peach Ice Cream (E)

2 farm fresh egg whites or 1/3 cup pasteurized carton egg whites
1/4 tsp. cream of tartar
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1.5 cups almond milk
Rounded 1/4 tsp. glucomannan
3.5 doonks THM Pure Stevia Extract Powder
2 tsp. vanilla flavoring
Pinch salt
1-2 ripe peaches, defrosted if frozen, cut into chunks

Beat egg whites with cream of tartar until stiff peaks form.  Transfer to freezer to chill while you assemble the rest of the ingredients.
In a blender, blend the cottage cheese, almond milk, glucomannan, stevia, vanilla, and salt.
Turn on your ice cream maker.  First, put in the chilled beaten egg whites.  Quickly add the blended mixture.  Last, add the peach chunks.  Churn according to manufacturer's directions and then freeze in the freezer for an hour or so until firm, if desired.  Serves 3-4.

-you could probably substitute other ripe fruit for the peaches.  Using berries, this recipe is a Fuel Pull!



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  1. I'd love to bump into you at The Peach Barn. Have bought there twice this summer -I've never bought peaches that were not good from there. Thanks for this yummy recipe.

    1. Unfortunately, I'm not working there this summer. Had too much other stuff going on at home in SC. :) I'll be up in Holmes County over the weekend of August 9th, though, so I may be out at the stand some then. :)

  2. Is there a way to make this if you don't own an ice cream maker?

    1. I haven't tested it any other way, but I would suggest folding the beaten egg whites gently into the ice cream mixture, freezing the mixture into cubes, and then blending it in a high-powered blender with a little almond milk. Wait and add the chopped peaches until after you have blended the ice cream.